Antonov AN-225 Mriya - the biggest plane in the world (photo / video)

Antonov An-225 Mriya is powered by 6 engines, 3 on each wing!

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March 4, 2022: It is confirmed that Antonov AN-225 was destroyed!

Today I'm going to tell you about the biggest plane in the world - Antonov An-225. This is not a civilian aircraft. An-225 is a high-capacity cargo aircraft, which was designed and built by Antonov ASTC.

It is considered the largest aircraft in the world in active service and has entered the Record Book for those over 240 of broken records. It is the hardest aircraft, with up to 640 tonnes at take-off.


Antonov An-225 Mriya

Antonov An-225 Mriya first flew on 21 December 1988, operating a flight of 74 minutes departing from Kiev. The aircraft was exposed to the ground at the Paris Air Show on 1989 and flew to the Farnborough air show on 1990.

Two aircraft were ordered, but only one Year-225 was completed (CCCP-82060 registered, later transformed into UR-82060). The second aircraft is built in 60-70% proportions and may be completed in 3 years if the necessary funds are found.

Photo by Oleksandr Smerychansky

The aircraft was designed and built to carry the reusable Soviet space shuttle Buran. It is a unique aircraft in the world.

An-225 is an extension of the previous project An-124. To meet the needs of the new purpose, two additional engines were added, the wing resistance structure improved, and the landing gear was increased to a number of 52 wheels.

The rear cargo door and An-124 version ramp have been removed, and the gearbox has been changed from a single vertical stabilizer to a double tail with an oversized horizontal stabilizer. Unlike An-124, An-225 was not intended for tactical transport and is not designated for short-range operations.

Below you have a video with the air giant. It is good that no one is behind him at takeoff. The airflow is too strong.

But it was never loaded to the maximum supported mass. Initial, Antonov An-225 It was designed to carry the Buran space shuttle, but now it is used to transport various gigantic structures by air, from turbines to power stations and heavy machinery and equipment.

The first commercial flight departed from Stuttgart, Germany, at 3 January 2002 and flew to Thumrait, Oman with 216,000 food prepared for US military personnel based in the region. The goods were transported in 375 pallets and weighed 187.5 tons.

The first cargo flight was operated on 22 March 1989

But the first freight flight was operated on 22 in March 1989, when it transported 156.3 tonnes, breaking 110 world aeronautical records. This being a world record in its turn. As I said above, the aircraft has broken over 240 over world records over the years.

Photo by Arsenii Gerasymenko

It operated thousands of flights and flew over 1.7 million kilometers. It is a huge plane, 84 meters long and 18 meters high. The wingspan is 88.4 meters. Propulsion is provided by 6 engines (3 engines per wing and the only one of its kind) D-18T, the same type of engine we see in the AN-124.

Technical specifications Antonov AN-225:

Crew: 6
Staff outside the crew: 63
Wing wings: M 88.4
Length: M 84
Height: M 18.1
Wing surface: NEVER
engines: TRDD D18T, 6 pcs (23400 CP each)
Maximum empty mass: 285 of tons
Max fuel table: 300 of tons
Maximum payload: 250 of tons
Maximum mass supported at take-off (with load): 640 of tons
Volume of cargo: 1300 cubic meters
Flight ceiling: up to 11.6 Km

The aircraft can be fueled with up to 365 tons of fuel, enough to be able to fly 18 hours over a distance of 15 000 kilometers, only if empty. Aircraft power can take from 30 minutes to 1.5 days, depending on tank capacity.

The landing gear consists of 52 wheels. Tires must be changed every 90 landings. They are manufactured at the Yaroslavl tire plant, and the tariff is about $ 1000 / piece.

Such an aircraft needs special equipment for towing, monitoring, feeding. All aircraft systems are automated and connected to 34 on-board computers. It does not require crew intervention.

Compartimentul pentru pasageri este împărțit în două: compartimentul de zbor ocupă partea frontală, iar compartimentul de întreținere și personalul însoțitor se află în partea din spate a aeronavei.

The largest plane in the world

Echipajul navigant al aeronavei cuprinde 6 membri: căpitan, copilot, navigator, inginer șef de zbor, inginer de zbor al echipamentelor de bord și operator radio.

It is worth mentioning that Antonov AN-225 needs a track of 2400 meters for take-off / landing when it is empty. At full load, AN-225 needs a runway of 3500 meters for take-off and 3300 meters for landing.

Take-off and landing speeds may vary depending on the weather conditions and weight of the aircraft, from 240 km / h to 280 km / h. The average cruise speed is 850 km / h.

Antonov An-225 and the Buran space shuttle

Initially, Antonov An-225, this masterpiece of aeronautical engineering, was designed for a lifetime of 8000 de ore de zbor, 2000 de decolări-aterizări sau 25 de ani calendaristici. In 2013, on the anniversary of the 25 years of flights, the aircraft was inspected and modernized, and the service life was extended to 45 years.

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      Those are the maximum figures on each segment, but it will never take off with 300 tons of fuel and 250 tons of goods. The hollow has 285 tons, and the maximum mass supported at take-off is 640 tons, the difference is divided between fuel and freight transported, depending on the mission.

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