Antonov AN-124 - the largest mass-produced cargo aircraft in the world (photo / video)

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In 2012, we told you about the biggest plane in the world - Antonov An-225 Mriya. The huge one is based on the Antonov AN-124 model, the largest cargo aircraft in the world built in series.

Antonov An-124 is produced by the Russian company Aviastar (eg Ulyanovsk Aviation Industrial Complex) and Antonov in Ukraine. Serial production was discontinued at the break of the Soviet Bloc and resumed after 2009, when Russia and Ukraine joined forces.


The initial design had been made for military applications, An-124 being designed for operational service up to 7500 flight hours with extension possibilities. However, there are An-124 aircraft that flew over 15.000 flight hours, and some of them were upgraded to fly up to 24.000 hours. The first flight operated by Antonov AN-124 was made on 26 December 1982, and in 1986 it entered the commercial service. So far, 55 units have been built by AN-124

Antonov An-124 can carry locomotives, yachts, aircraft fuselages and a variety of high volume goods. The mouth of the An-124 aircraft can be lowered to allow up to 150 loading of tonnes of cargo. It can also carry up to 88 passengers on the upper deck behind the cockpit.

Antonov AN-124 is a rare aircraft and for this reason it is also very much hunted by aviation and aircraft spotting enthusiasts. Earlier this month, an AN-124 also arrived at Henri Coandă International Airport, and below are some pictures taken by Sorin Ezaru.

(Photo cover: Ozgur Tanrikulu)

Technical information:

The radius of flight is inversely proportional to the freight rate at An-124-100

0 ton cargo = 15.000 km
10 ton cargo = 14.125 km
20 ton cargo = 13.250 km
30 ton cargo = 12.375 km
40 ton cargo = 11.500 km
72 ton cargo = 8.700 km
90 tons charge = 7.125 km
97 ton cargo = 6.495 km
104 ton cargo = 5.900 km
108 ton cargo = 5.550 km
120 ton cargo = 4.500 km
122 ton cargo = 4.325 km


The radius of flight is inversely proportional to the rate of cargo loading at АN-124-100М-150

92 ton cargo = 7.500 km
113 ton cargo = 5.925 km
120 ton cargo = 5.400 km
122 tons charge = 5.250 km

Technical specifications Antonov AN-124:


Crew: 4-6 (pilot, co-pilot, navigator, senior flight engineer (+ flight engineer, radio man) + 2 loadmasters)
Passenger capacity: 88 of passengers on the upper deck or 350 in the hold
Length: 68.96 m (226 ft 3 in)
Wide wings: 73,3 m (240 ft 5 in)
Height: 20.78 m (68 ft 2 in)
Wing surface: 628 m²
Own weight: NO kg (NO Lb)
Useful cargo load: NONE 150 kg (NUMBER lb)
Maximum weight supported at take-off: NONE 405 kg (NUMBER lb)
powerplant: 4 × Ivchenko Progress D-18T turbofans, 229.5 kN (51,600 lbf) each
Maximum flight speed: 865 kilometers per hour
Cruise speed: NOTHING-NOTHING km / h
Maximum flight ceiling: 12.000 m (39370 ft)
Distance required to take off (maximum take-off weight): 2520 m (8270 ft)
Distance required to land (maximum landing weight): 900 m (3.000 ft)

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