Over 17000 aircraft are detained on the ground during COVID-19

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Update April 26, 2020: The number of aircraft detained on the ground reached 17000. We are talking here about widebody, single-aisle and regional aircraft. We estimate that this was the maximum number of aircraft temporarily decommissioned.

Update April 7, 2020: The number of airplanes retained on the ground reached 15200. About 60% of the global fleet is maintained at different airports around the world. According to Cirium, all these planes have not operated flights in the last 7 days.

Update April 1, 2020: According to Cirium, the number of aircraft retained on the ground rose to 12600, equivalent to 48% of the global fleet.

Update 27 March 2020: According to the same sources, Cirium, over 8500 airplanes are parked on the ground. At the same time, approximately 17750 aircraft are still operational (at least 1 flight per week).

Most aircraft are parked in Europe: 2800 aircraft at 210 airports. In Asia-Pacific, there are about 2000 planes parked at 150 airports. And in North America, there are about 1600 planes parked at 130 airports. And the Middle East is home to 700 aircraft in 30 seats.

Initial story: Cirium, A Smarter Way to Travel, analyzes the aeronautical industry and monitors what is happening in these times of COVID-19. As we have written in many other articles, the pandemic with the new coronavirus has made its mark on the entire planet.

The airline industry is currently facing one of the most difficult periods in recent years. Hundreds of airlines have announced the suspension of flights, and aircraft are being detained on the ground.

About 17000 aircraft are detained on the ground


According to Cirium, approximately 7000 passenger planes are detained on the ground and parked at various airports around the world. In just 24 hours (March 24-25), over 800 aircraft were detained on the ground. Of these, 300 are from the Airbus A320 family and 200 are from the Boeing 737 family.

In a simple comparison, made between March 25, 2020 and March 25, 2019, we see a decrease of approximately 70% in the number of active aircraft and a reduction of approximately 80% in the number of flights operated.

Aproximativ 7000 de avioane sunt reținute la sol

We remind you that in Europe, the major airlines have canceled most flights or suspended operations completely. Thousands of aircraft are parked on the ground in Vienna, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Rome, including Romania.

About 7000 aircraft are detained on the ground

Below is a short list of airline operators with suspended flights, which also affect flights from / to Romania:

Aproximativ 7000 de avioane sunt reținute la sol

Blue Air suspends flights until the state of emergency in Romania is lifted.
Air Serbia suspends all flights, from March 19, 2020
Turkish Airlines suspends all international flights
FlyDubai suspends all flights starting with 26 March 2020
Wizz Air suspends all flights from Timisoara, Sibiu and Craiova
Aegean Airlines suspends all international flights, from March 26, 2020
Austrian Airlines will suspend flights until May 3 (video)
TAROM suspends all domestic flights in Romania
RYANAIR suspends all flights starting March 24th
Wizz Air suspends flights Romania - Spain
Brussels Airlines suspended flights between March 21 and May 15
Air Moldova suspended all flights, from March 17
EL AL suspends over 90% of flights
airBaltic suspends all flights starting with 17 March 2020
LOT Polish Airlines suspends all international flights
Lufthansa Group cancels 23 flights in April
SWISS will minimize air operations, from March 23, 2020
KLM will enter the 2020 summer season with 10% of scheduled flights normally

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