Arik Air introduced the online check-in

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For most of us, online check-in is a necessity, it is a service we have become accustomed to, it has become a commonplace. But many others are barely discovering it. On 11 June 2013, Arik Air, a Nigerian airline, introduced the online check-in service. It has been activated on international routes to Johannesburg, London and New York and will be introduced gradually including domestic and regional routes.

Arik Air online check-in

Online check-in saves us from queues at the airport, especially if we fly without hold luggage. When we check in online we can choose our seat on the plane, then print the boarding pass and present ourselves directly to the security controls. This can be done within a period set by the airline operator. Arik Air allows passengers to check in online at the earliest with 24 hours before boarding and at the latest with only 3 hours.

Arik Air officials promise that online check-in is only part of a series of technology services that will be introduced by the air carrier. They will be designed to improve the experience of Arik Air passengers.

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