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In the spring of this year, I was pleased to discover Vlade, a friendly and sweet vampire. At the same time, I also met those who gave birth.

Art & Craft Design was born from the desire to offer, to the lovers of folk art and Romanian gifts, products loaded with a strong sentimental value, made with a lot of care and skill, but especially with soul and dedication. Each item sold in the Art & Craft Design network is individually chosen by a team of specialists in the field, which guarantees its uniqueness, quality and authenticity.


In the stores offer Art & Craft Design find Horezu ceramics, musical instruments, wooden decorative objects, traditional fabrics and even Romanian ia. Vladut`s is the sweet brand raised by Art & Craft and is dedicated to the little ones, but not exclusively to them.

The mission of Art & Craft Design is to transpose the Romanian universe in a creative form and to promote it to a contemporary public, by creating new, authentic products that can be constituted as destination gifts, on the internal and external market.

I can say that their mission has been fulfilled, given that Art & Craft Design has stores in most airports in Romania, and tourists can buy traditional Romanian products. If you do not arrive at the airport, Art & Craft also has an online store where you can order Romanian products, sweets, decorative objects and much more. Art & Craft has as a continuous objective the creation of new, unique and original products, and this can be seen in the wide range of products dedicated to the general public.

I am glad to see that there are still companies looking to carry on Romanian traditions, and we support and support them in their endeavor.

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