Artificial fir or natural fir?

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With the approach of Christmas, the rush for gifts, but also for trees, begins. Each of us wants to have a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the house, a harbinger of the birth of the Lord, but also a symbol of the holiday associated with the news gifts for Santa Claus. And in this context, how better should the tree be? Artificial fir vs natural fir?

The artificial tree

The artificial tree has the advantage of being forever, or so we want to think. Once taken, the artificial tree is every year. We save time and money. There is no need to buy another Christmas tree or waste time searching for the ideal Christmas tree through the profile markets.

The artificial tree does not make a mess, which can be an advantage, and it does not need special care because it is made of plastic. The artificial fir tree does not dry out, its needles do not fall off if it is of good quality.

On the other hand, the artificial tree does not come with the smell of cetin, and this must be compensated by purchasing a specific perfume. With an artificial Christmas tree we are not protecting nature. The cutting of natural firs will not stop. We can even say that it contributes to environmental pollution because the artificial tree is made of plastic or other synthetic / toxic substance. It would be better not to throw it in the street when you want to get rid of an artificial Christmas tree, but to recycle it.

The natural fir tree

The natural fir brings the scent of pine into the house and contributes to the creation of an authentic festive atmosphere. You can opt to buy a natural potted tree or a natural tree cut from the specially grown nursery for Christmas.

The natural potted tree has the advantage that it can be planted after Christmas. But for this, you need to take care of it so that it does not dry out. The heat in the house causes the natural fir tree to dry out and drop its needles. For some it can be a disadvantage through the mess made. Cut natural fir can be recycled, then reused as sawdust, natural fertilizer and fuel material.

As a disadvantage, the natural fir has to be bought year after year, and its size and beauty are influenced by the available budget. A tall, beautiful, branchy tree can be more expensive. The price can also be influenced by the level of the economy each year.

Enjoy the atmosphere and spirit of Christmas regardless of the tree :)!

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