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At the end of August I left for IFA 2012 Berlin. We did not have a direct flight with Lufthansa because we did not arrive at the conference on time, so Toshiba officials booked us Bucharest - Berlin tickets with a stopover in Vienna. It was my first FlyNiki flight aboard an Embraer E-190.

Until I got on the plane, I kept thinking about what this flight would be like, what will bring new in my experience. Lately, I've heard great things about the low-cost airline FlyNiki. I also found people less satisfied. My expectations were at a low to medium level. I knew it was a low-cost company, it was operating on smaller aircraft and I wasn't expecting a full service on board. Before one night, I was even asking questions about luggage.

The day of departure for Berlin has also arrived. The flight Bucharest - Vienna was scheduled for 7:20, so I arrived at the airport about 1.5 hours before take-off time. I checked in quickly at the airport. I don't really understand why I couldn't do it online, I'm still studying the problem. It was allowed to board with luggage (I have a troller specially approved for the cabin) plus a photo bag - that's what I had. Baggage hold is not included in the ticket price. He left the new terminal without delay.

(photo: romanian-spotters.forumer.ro)

Embraer E-190 aircraft is dedicated to regional, short and medium flights. It can carry up to 114 passengers in one class. The maximum cruise speed is 890 Km / h and can travel up to 4000 km. Embraer E-190 is powered by two General Electric CF34 engines. I reached the cruise altitude pretty quickly, but it seemed like I was too far behind for my tastes. Embraer E-190 can fly up to a ceiling of 12.500 meters.

The flight Bucharest - Vienna lasted one hour and 20 minutes, but by shifting the time zone I flew "20 minutes". So at 7:40 I landed in Vienna. I also had some more interesting turns, I saw the earth without seeing the sky. The flight was pleasant, the weather beautiful, without too much turbulence. The chairs are a bit small and hard. I can say that my back hurt a little when I went down.

On board the aircraft were 3 cute companions, but they were not dressed in full uniform. There are usually two, but probably 3 did the practice. As for the uniform, I don't really have as long as everything is ok on board. They offered full service conditions, meaning they provided soft drinks, coffees and even wine plus a snack. While most low-cost companies are looking to save money and cut services or raise prices to existing ones for a fee, FlyNiki still provides full-service terms.

FlyNiki operates daily flights from Otopeni. It is a subsidiary of AirBerlin and has its main hub at Vienna International Airport, Schwechat, Austria. Through AirBerlin airline's membership of Oneworld, FlyNiki really did as an affiliate.

The flight was beyond my expectations. If you want to travel cheaply to Vienna or to other destinations in Europe and Egypt, consider FlyNiki and AirBerlin deals.

  1. Bogdan says

    Interesting review, but in the future you can also manage to take pictures inside the respective aircraft, snacks, etc. possibly even a photo with the flight attendants.

  2. Sorin says

    Bogdan, it should have been, except that it is not allowed to photograph the staff and it is my fault that I was no longer inspired to take the camera at the snacks :).

    On the return flight I took pictures on the route Berlin - Bucharest with Lufthansa https://airlinestravel.ro/berlin-bucuresti-cu-lufthansa-prezentare.html

  3. Claudia says

    I also flew in May and it was even one of the most enjoyable flights even though I had some turbulence at one point when entering Austria. It wasn't their fault, there were some pretty ugly clouds and it happened that I stayed with a stewardess who told me that in fact, the pilot avoided more than we thought. Good snacks, nice and atmosphere on board.

  4. Sorin says

    Hi Claudia! The pilots are trained and know the limits of the plane. So they are always looking for the best and most comfortable solution. I can't always avoid turbulence, but I always avoid more aggressive atmospheric areas :). So you don't have to be scared when the plane goes to another airport to land or bypass a little… It means that a safety decision has been made :)

  5. Vlad says

    Fly Niki is not a low cost company!
    It has bunk luggage included in the ticket price and offers catering on board.
    They recently launched a Z-class fare offer without hold baggage and airport check-in for a fee…

  6. Sorin says

    There are also companies that offer on-board catering and are low-cost. Flyniki is low-cost, now it's semilow-cost on wikipedia. As for luggage, the economy was not included with 2 weeks ago. Maybe he wants to move forward because of the oneworld criteria.

  7. Sorin says

    Plus, low-cost aircraft and you keep it technically and not just onboard services. I'm preparing an article on this topic

  8. Mihai Voiculescu says

    I also found out what this plane looks like during this post. Thank you Sorine!

  9. Vlad says

    I look forward to the topic of the concept of "low-cost carrier".

    As for hold baggage, as we specified in the previous post, it is generally included in the ticket price 1 luggage of maximum 20 kg except for the special offer launched in August valid for a certain tariff level "class Z" where the luggage is the call was paid separately either online or at the airport and online check-in was free online and for a fee at the airport.

    Those who do the ticketing can confirm the information that both in AMADEUS and WORLDSPAN when booking a ticket on AIR BERLIN stock with HG flight slots the luggage appears to be included in the final fare, with the newest exception being the Z class.

  10. Sorin says

    Vlad - - so at JustFly you don't have hold baggage included :)! And yes, at AirBerlin it is included, somewhere it is specified that certain FlyNiki partners have hold baggage included in the ticket price :).

    And it is not 20 but 23 Kg hold baggage.

  11. OVIDIU says

    Then I don't understand. How do I know if I have luggage included or not? And if I don't have a way to attach myself? At a cost of course! I read something 48 hours before. what do they mean by that?

    1. Sorin says

      Hi, Ovidiu! Each airline has its own baggage policy, depending on the mode of operation. With regard to luggage, you can find the information when you buy the ticket. If you buy your ticket from the operator's website, you have more information that I recommend to read.

      If it is not included, it will ask you to pay if you want hold baggage. There will be an option in the ticket booking process. It is good to do this online, to inform in advance, etc.

      Usually every race is prepared ahead of time. It is known what the weight for the hold is, how to load the luggage for a correct center of gravity, etc.

      Everything seems simple, but in reality everything is checked and analyzed to the smallest detail.

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