Marius was the air traffic controller on Ground Day

"I would like to be a pilot, but I know I have to have high grades"

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I found out that November was 20 The Day of Sabbath, an international event that marks Children's Rights Day. This year the event was also organized in Romania, in Bucharest and Craiova, where various professionals and authorities agreed to hand over the "whip" to some children for several hours.

One of the young people who enjoyed the attention of the elderly was Marius. She is 11 years old and is a student in the 5th grade at the "Amza Pelea" School in Băileşti, Dolj County. I will not tell you the story of the family (it has 12 brothers), but I will take from the mediafax some information about how he became a director of ground traffic at Otopeni Airport.

I was impressed by the young man's statements and enthusiasm, even though he was only 11 years old.

I want to go by plane anywhere, just to see what it is like. I would like to become a pilot. I know I have to have high grades to be a pilot, 9 and 10. I have many grades in school and high, from five up, but one girl took 3.

Although he is in uniform, Marius is not exempt from routine control. Go through the filters. Then he leaves the airport and gets in the big car, "Follow me". It is the car that accompanies the planes when it is fog or in special situations ”, explains the mentor. “The cars go after the white stripes here at the airport. They have their own special roads. Airplanes go after the yellow stripe. There are 150 of take-offs and 150 of landings, ”explains Octavian Berlean. "But don't they hit each other? There are many. Fewer and smaller pass us on the street ”, Marius wondered.

At 11,20, the airport is preparing to land Tarom aircraft from Sofia. Marius stands in front of the traffic conductor, with the headphones on and the station on, and shakes the pallets. Everything is controlled. The pilot closely monitors the child's movements. The "Follow Me" car accompanies the aircraft from a distance. Another turn and the plane stops a few meters away from the boy. Marius is happy. "I stopped him, I stopped him! But not alone. It's great, but it was in place when I signed it ", the boy enjoys.

The visit ends, Marius receives gifts. When leaving the airport, look back and repeat: "Now I love airplanes more. I will fly planes. Or I'll drive them downstairs with pallets and lanterns. Please come again ”says the child, happy.

Do you realize that we still have hopes for a better Romania? This young man is excited and happy because he managed to stop a big plane. It felt "important" for a few hours and maybe you will become a pilot or traffic controller. But it should be noted that he comes from a large family and I am convinced that he knows how hard it is to get "big"!

Let's wish him success!

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