ASUS and Warner Bros have launched the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition

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ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has announced ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition, an exclusive limited edition version of the ROG Phone 6 gaming smartphone – created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC – which will appeal to fans of the crime-fighting superhero, as well as advanced gamers and lovers of unique collectibles.

ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition has a unique look, designed to evoke the mysterious, dark and melancholic atmosphere that surrounds the high-tech world of Batman and his surroundings in Gotham City. The phone has a special finish that, when it catches the light, is like the cloudy night sky pierced by a light. The special Aura RGB illuminated logo outlines the instantly recognizable Bat emblem, The Batman theme continues in the customized user interface with exclusive themed wallpapers, icon styles, animations, sound effects and more.

The set of complementary accessories includes a Bat-Signal mini projector with USB-C searchlight®, which can project one of two versions of the famous Bat-Signal onto nearby surfaces; an aero Batman case with a special finish and a hidden, identifiable image; and a hard-shell travel case specially designed to keep ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition and its accessories safe.

Internally, ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is identical to the invincible ROG Phone 6/6D, featuring a premium configuration built to win any game, powered by either the latest Snapdragon mobile platform® 8+ Gen 1, either by the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9000+1.

Exclusive themed design

ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is the fruit of an exciting collaboration that explores the theme in depth, with the phone's appearance completely redesigned in honor of the mysterious, tech-loving crime fighter. The spirit of the Batman universe has been captured through the understated and atmospheric color – Night Black, the mirrored product label, the graphic details inspired by the Batman Gauntlet and the iconic bat-shaped graphics of the Aura RGB logo.

ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition's special semi-matte finish with its high-tech details has been carefully designed to reflect light in a way that mimics the iconic image of the Bat-Signal reflector illuminating dark clouds in the night sky from Gotham City.

The phone also offers fans a special user experience and customized user interface with the exclusive Batman animated theme pack. It includes a Batman live wallpaper and a redesigned frame for the app icons, and when the phone is charging, an exclusive sound and animation appear combined with Batman-themed elements. The on-screen fingerprint icon has been customized, with users able to unlock the phone by touching the famous yellow bat emblem.

Unique themed accessories

Owners of ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition receive as a bonus the unique set of complementary accessories, a set consisting of three pieces. Topping the list is the Bat-Signal Projector, a miniature replica of the famous searchlight that is used to call for Batman's help. This LED spotlight can project one of two versions of the iconic Bat-Signal onto nearby surfaces and can be powered using a USB-C cable attached to the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition. The Batman Aero Case is a protective case that features a geometric relief rendition of the Bat emblem, created in layers for a 3D effect. The inside of the case contains a hidden printed detail in the form of an image inspired by Batman comics.

Even the simple SIM card ejector has been customized in Batman style. The design of the Batman Ejector Pin features the Bat emblem and its Gotham City-inspired desk mount deserves a place of honor in any memorabilia collection.

To keep ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition and its accessories safe from even the toughest supervillain, there's a custom storage case. This robust, one-piece, waterproof case is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP). Its appearance is based on military-style suitcases, and the lid is embossed with the Batman logo.

The ASUS ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition phone is available for pre-order on the official ASUS eShop, and will become available on the market in November, at the price of approximately 6199 Lei (taxes included, configuration with 12GB RAM, 256GB storage).

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