ASUS B9450F - master of portability, elegance and performance

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At the beginning of September 2020, I had the joy of discovering one of the lightest 14-inch laptops on the market. This is the ASUS B9450F, a master of portability, elegance and performance.

Over the years I have tested hundreds of laptops in different segments. From the thinnest ultrabooks to the most robust gaming laptops.

ASUS B9450F - master of portability and elegance

But nothing can compare to the ASUS B9450F, a business laptop you can rarely see. It is the lightest portable 14 inches, weighing only 870 grams. It is one of the thinnest laptops, with only 14.9 mm thick. The strong point lies in the case made of magnesium and lithium alloy, which makes it durable in everyday use. I can't describe in words the feeling I had when I took it out of the box. The feeling was that I wanted to buy it, to be mine.

ASUS B9450F - elegance and performance

ASUS B9450F - master of performance

As for the configuration, everything is superlative. The model I saw, touched and used came in a top configuration: Intel Core i7-10510U; 2 x 512GB SSD; 16GB RAM; 14 inch display and Windows 10 PRO. It is true that the video card is integrated, Intel UHD 620 model, which pulls it down a bit. You can't get new multimedia performance. But for a businessman, the ASUS B9450F is perfect.

I liked the touchpad and keyboard. The keys have a standard size, are illuminated, and the entire keyboard is resistant to liquid leakage. The key stroke is 1.5mm. I appreciated the fact that it is a silent keyboard, which does not bother people around.

ASUS B9450F - keyboard and touchpad

The TouchPad has the size 127 x 65mm, glass finish with integrated NumberPad. High Precision Touchpad (PTP) technology supports smart gestures with up to four fingers. Oh, and reject false touches. I write a lot and very fast, which inevitably makes me accidentally touch the touchpad area with the palm of my hand or with my thumb. In the case of the ASUS B9450F model, I didn't find that my cursor is running or functions that I don't want are being activated when I write articles :).

ASUS B9450F - right ports
ASUS B9450F - ports
ASUS B9450F - ports

And the ports are slightly better than many other laptops of its kind: 1 x USB 3.2; 2 x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, an audio output. And yes, it has a webcam built into the display frame. Now, when everything is done online, a webcam is good for people's homes.

ASUS B9450F is US Military Grade MIL-STD 810G certified.

The manufacturer says that ASUS B9450F is US Military Grade MIL-STD 810G certified. In short, the ASUS B9450F is resistant to accidental falls; to vibrations; at high humidity and temperatures; at strong shocks at speeds up to 150G / 2.5ms. It supports 30kg of pressing force on the lid and the bottom of the case without affecting the LCD panel.

Okay, I haven't tested the laptop in such conditions and it's good that you don't do it at home. But it is good to know that in certain accidental circumstances, ASUS B9450F can withstand without problems.

I didn't test his hardware too much, I didn't do synthetic tests. I don't even think it's relevant because each of us uses laptops according to our daily activities.

But the conclusion is unique and unanimous in the editorial office: ASUS B9450F - master of portability, elegance and performance. And for business travel, it can be an ideal companion!

The price, somewhere around 7500 lei!

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