ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200: a mouse to go around the world with!

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I have over 30 years of computer and mouse experience. If at first I didn't give importance to this little accessory, today I got to be picky and choose the ideal mouse for my work style.

I'm not a gamer enough to get an overly complex mouse, but I'm also not just a simple casual computer user anymore. I spend dozens of hours in front of small screens, write hundreds of texts a day, surf dozens of websites, and the mouse is stressed by thousands of clicks. I need a mouse that is reliable, ergonomic, easy to use on most existing flat surfaces, and easy to set up.

Mouse Asus SmartO MD200 – a mouse with which you can go around the world

ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200

The market is flooded with dozens of models, most of which meet some of the criteria above, but what would you say if I told you that we found an ideal travel mouse?

Meet the ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200. The manufacturer says that it is a portable, reliable mouse and can work accurately in everyday work. And I cannot contradict him. I fell in love with him only when I heard the news that it can work very well on most existing surfaces, where other rivals stumble, and here they bring the bottle into question. In my travels I had a lot of trouble handling the mouse on plastic, glass surfaces where I couldn't spread my pad. ASUS found the solution and implemented it in the SmartO Mouse MD200 model.

Mouse Asus SmartO MD200 – battery with autonomy of up to 1 year

Another important factor is that its buttons can be easily configured for your work style. It's not a gaming mouse, but it has main buttons and side buttons waiting to satisfy your clicky desires. Regarding the main scroll wheel, find out that it is made of aluminum.

Mouse Asus SmartO MD200

Another strong point: Its DPI can be automatically adapted according to the screen you are working on. I'm used to working with an external monitor, which has a different resolution than the laptop monitor and automatically has a different DPI, and the ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200 knows how to adapt the DPI from one screen to another without affecting my work.

ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200 can be paired with up to three computers

ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200 can be paired with up to three laptops and different computers, which makes it extremely practical when you want to work at home and in the office with the same mouse, without having to install it every time. It is a mouse that can work very well on wireless and Bluetooth connections.

Mouse Asus SmartO MD200

ASUS has thought of everything when it comes to ergonomics and portability. ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200 it has an elegant look, feels good in the hand, has a thumb rest on the left side (it's a right-handed mouse), and the premium color is called Secret Black. It should also be noted that there is a locking mechanism on the front to make it easy to transport.

Mouse Asus SmartO MD200

There would be a lot more to say about this mouse, such as the battery in the package can provide up to a year of autonomy. ASUS also stated that this mouse is made to withstand millions of clicks, and the sensor has a resolution of up to 4200 DPI. A premium product at a very good price. For those interested, the ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200 mouse is available in online stores in Romania, at a price of approx. 300 lei.

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