10000 Boeing 737 entered GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

As expected, Al Boeing 10000 entered the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. Boeing 737 is the world's best-selling jetliner.

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On March 13, Boeing entered GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS with the 10000 Boeing 737 delivered. This is a Boeing 737 MAX 8, which arrived in the Southwest Airlines fleet.


Thousands of Boeing employees at Washington's Renton factory celebrated the 10000 Boeing 737, which went off the production line and was delivered.

The recognition of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS comes to validate over 50 years of success and achievements achieved by Boeing employees along with partners, suppliers and customers around the world who have put their trust in 737.

Boeing 737 also held the title GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS in 2006, marking then the manufacture of the 5000 aircraft. Due to increased market demand and higher production rates, the 737 program has advanced from 5000 to 10 000 of aircraft manufactured in just 12 years.

Boeing will increase production of 737 from 47 of aircraft per month to 52 of aircraft per month later this year. Currently, the Boeing 737 program has firm orders for approximately 4 600 aircraft. If we are to calculate a production rate of 52 for airplanes / month, it results in at least 7 years of work for the Boeing 737 program.

Some curiosities about the Boeing 737

- A Boeing 737 lands / takes off every 1.5 seconds;
- On average, approximately 2800 737 aircraft are in flight at any time of the day;
- The fleet of 737 aircraft carried over 22 billion passengers;
- The 737 fleet flew over 122 billion miles, the equivalent of 5 million detours around the Earth.

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