Boeing 737-400 Air Horizont, hard touchdown + go around Prague

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I wrote about spectacular landings. I told you a little bit about it crosswind landing, side landings, etc.

Hard touchdown + go around Prague

Boeing 737-400-Crosswind-landing-Prague-1

And when I thought I saw them all, these days I discovered a SHOW movie. On 4 October, the passengers and crew of the plane Boeing 737-400 Air Horizont (9H-GTC), who were preparing to land in Prague, were part of hard touchdown + go around.

The aircraft was preparing to land on runway 06 of Prague's Václav Havel Airport, when a strong shear wind rocked the aircraft shortly before the touchdown. The pilots managed to avoid a disaster, canceling the landing and forcing the engines to take off. After a go around, the aircraft landed in complete solitude.

All's well that ends well!

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