Silvia Iordache stories: Diving in Mauritius and Air France flight (photo / video)

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How many of you do not dream of reaching an exotic place, on the shore of a turquoise water, perhaps on a desert island? Last days I noticed some very beautiful pictures at Silvia Iordache, a big fan of diving. I stopped thinking and asked her to tell us a little about her passion, how she was on her most recent trip to Mauritius, but also about flights and planes.

Below is the story sent by Silvia, and the photos and videos are made by her. You can find more on my personal blog

Diving in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island country off the coast of the African continent, in the southwestern Indian Ocean, approximately 900 km east of Madagascar. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands along with the French island of Réunion, located at 200 km southwest.

This year we chose Mauritius as a holiday destination. I choose diving destinations, so first of all I document myself about diving sites. Mauritius is famous for its extraordinary visibility and the reef that practically protects the entire island. The adventure began, obviously with a long, very long flight.

I flew with Air France (Bucharest-Paris) and also Air France on the long flight. I expected it to be Air Mauritius from Paris, but it is an Air France-Air Mauritius collaboration flight. There are 11 flight hours on the route Paris - Mauritius, but most of it at night. As planes, I flew with Airbus A320 Bucharest - Paris - Bucharest and Boeing 777-300ER Paris - Mauritius - Paris. But what amazed me, compared to other long flights, was the stinginess of serving Air France.

In 11 hours there were only 2 services! All in all, they didn't ask if you needed water, they didn't offer hot wet towels for refreshment, nothing. You could go out, go back and ask. But those who have traveled such long distances know how crowded everything is, especially if the plane is full. You have a pillow, a blanket, a headset, a remote control, most of the time you sit down (not the other way, however, the legs are swollen). Getting out of the window (in 3-4 chairs) is not easy or in the center (where 4-5 chairs are) and again not pleasant at all. Most sleep, you have to jump over them, wake them up, disturb them. So getting out of there to ask for water is not a pleasure. Plus the air in an airplane is particularly dry.

KLM for example offers water at 2-3 hours and warm wet wipes for face refreshment, hands. If you sleep, wake up and make you drink, they know you are dehydrated. Turkish Airlines comes to 2-3 hours and asks if you want anything, plus it offers non-slip socks so you can feel comfortable at night and go to the toilet without getting too hot.

I really do not understand how such differences between Air France and KLM can exist as long as they are in the same group? How does KLM provide excellent services and Air France so limited and so cramped? It will remain a mystery, what I can say is that I prefer KLM services!

But once you arrived on the island, things were very good, it was good to transfer, hotel, everything. The only major problem is the traffic around the capital.

The sad thing is that they cannot do otherwise, the capital being crammed between volcanic mountains and the ocean, on a fairly narrow strip of land. The only option would be to make tunnels through the mountains, but ... it's not easy and cheap! If you choose a hotel in the north, you have nothing to do and 1 hours per hour on the part of the highway that takes place and the belt of the capital.

And it is also important to know that those who choose to go in the "winter" season, when the temperatures are between 18-25 degrees C, when there is not high humidity, there is a risk of catching warm, warm rain, which can last a few days. in turn (anticyclone). The ocean water stays warm and clear, just good for diving.

Here fishing swordfish, tuna of impressive size, the waters are swirling and impressive waves raise the boats and catamarans like walnut shells. At the end of September it is summer, the temperatures go to 42 degrees C with humidity 80%, mosquitoes appear, but the sky clears and everything becomes a tropical paradise.

For those who wish, Air France has a promotion on flights Bucharest - Mauritius via Paris with prices starting from 1039 EUR.

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