At Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport, air traffic is conducted in winter conditions

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Pe Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest and Bucharest International Airport Băneasa Aurel Vlaicu, air traffic is conducted in winter conditions, with snow and gusts of wind transporting snow to the ground.

No flights are canceled at Henri Coanda Airport due to weather conditions. Some flights may have delays of approximately thirty minutes on take-off, caused by the defrosting of the aircraft, delays that can reach up to approximately one hour.

At both airports of the Capital, constant intervention is carried out with its own equipment to maintain the moving surface in optimal conditions and the conditions for the safe operation of the air operations are ensured.

Real-time information on the status of flights at Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest can be found on the web page or Departures / Arrivals - Henri Coanda Airport, Otopeni.

Bucharest National Airport Company recommends that passengers take the necessary steps to arrive at the airport in time.

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