ATR 42-600S (STOL) - landings and take-offs on 800-meter runways

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At the Paris Air Show 2019, ATR launched the 42-600S (STOL). The S comes from STOL - Short Take Off and Landing. The new ATR 42-600S can land and take off on short runways of 800 meters.

The launch customer is Elix Aviation Capital, which wants to become the largest propeller leasing company. It is the first order placed directly at an aircraft manufacturer. ATR 42-600S aircraft will be delivered to Elix Aviation Capital during the 2022-2024 period.

ATR 42-600S (STOL)

The ATR 42-600S has a very good business outlook. Over 1200 propeller planes, which have transport capabilities between 30 and 50 seats, should be replaced in the coming years.

The new ATR 42-600S is ideal for regional flights, where runways are short. Beyond its short runway performance, the aircraft offers 50 seats at the same operating costs as aircraft with 30 seats.

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