ATR 72-600 will arrive in Japan

Japan Air Commuter (JAC) converts an ATR 42-600 into an ATR 72-600, which marks the start of this aircraft model in Japan. Japan Air Commuter (JAC) and ATR have partnered in the past for nine ATR 42-600 aircraft.

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Japan Air Commuter (JAC), a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, used the first ATR 42-600 at the beginning of 2017. Currently, JAC uses four such aircraft, and other 4 are on order. Initially, the order included 9 aircraft of the type 42-600, but, as mentioned above, 4 were delivered, 4 are on order and 1 was converted to ATR 72-600.

ATR 72-600 will arrive in Japan

onset ATR 72-600 in Japan it is expected to take place by the end of the 2018 year. It will have 70 seats, thus increasing the transport capacity offered by the Japanese airline. The aircraft will be used on regional flights.

Japan has many beautiful islands, which both local and foreign tourists are interested in. Because of their size and ability to operate in small spaces and on small runways, ATR aircraft are perfect for these regions.

One third of the domestic routes in Japan have distances below 555 of km, optimal for the performance and efficiency of the ATRs.

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