ATR delivered the 1000 aircraft to Air Nostrum

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ATR (Regional Airplanes) is a French-Italian manufacturer of commercial aircraft. The first aircraft, an ATR 42, was delivered to Air Littoral on 3 December 1985. Since 3 May 2012, ATR has entered among the aircraft manufacturers that have managed to sell 1000 units.


ATR delivered a 1000 aircraft, a ATR 72-600 to Air Nostrum, a Spanish airline. The aircraft is configured for 72 passengers and is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127M turboprop engines. The delivery ceremony took place at the factory in Toulouse and was attended by several officials from the aeronautical industry.

These aircraft are found in over 90 countries and are operated by approximately 180 airlines. They are small aircraft, their capacity being up to about 100 seats, and most are used on short routes.


TAROM is one of the airlines that has ATR fleet: 7 ATR units 42-500 and 2 ATR 72-500. Their autonomy is about 1100 km.

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  1. Green says

    Has the Tarom also some 7 ATRs. They are very economical and are indicated on short distances. The new ATR 72-600 has greater autonomy and is more economical. Tarom could be used for Vienna, the Balkans and even Italy.
    I went with ATR 42-500 to Timisoara, that's fine.

    Do you have any idea what ATR 72-600 price is?

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