Flights to the Republic of Moldova were banned, not to Turkey

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The National Committee for Emergency Situations adopted in today's meeting, December 17, 2020, Decision number 60. By this decision the list of countries and areas of epidemiological risk has been updated for which the quarantine measure is instituted on persons arriving in Romania.

According to the laws in force, Romania prohibits flights to several countries on the yellow list, except for those in the European Union, the Schengen Area and Turkey.

Romatsa updated the list of countries to which flights are prohibited: ANDORRA, ARMENIA, BELIZE, CURACAO, FRENCH POLYNESIA, GEORGIA,

Suspended flights to the countries mentioned in the Romatsa note

The flight restriction will take effect on December 18, at 14:00, and will be valid until the yellow list is updated.

We mention that of all the countries mentioned above, Romania has direct flights only with the Republic of Moldova.

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