1000 was delivered by Airbus family aircraft A320neo / The 1000 NEO is A321neo IndiGO

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On 10 October 2019, Airbus celebrated the delivery of 1000 aircraft from the A320neo family. The 1000 NEO is an A321neo IndiGO. The aircraft was manufactured in Hamburg, Germany.

IndoGO is the largest customer for the A320neo aircraft family. He placed orders for 430 of A320neo aircraft. Currently, IndoGO has the largest fleet of aircraft in the A320neo family, counting 96 units. They have been delivered since March 2016.

The NEO 1000 is A321neo IndiGO

In a competitive and dynamic market, the A320neo family of aircraft has played an important role in the development of airlines. And IndiGo has become the largest airline in India, by fleet size and number of passengers carried.

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The A320neo family aircraft are manufactured at the 4 Airbus bases: Toulouse, France; Hmaburg, Germany; Tianjin, China and Mobile, USA. The first A320neo in the world was delivered in January 2016. Then, each year, Airbus increased the A320neo family of aircraft with the A321neo (2017) models; A321LR (2018) and A321XLR (2019).

The new A320neo family of aircraft has been developed around a basic criterion: fuel efficiency. Compared to A320ceo, the new generation of A320neo aircraft offers 20% reduction in kerosene consumption and 50% reduction in noise produced.

1000 were delivered by Airbus A320neo family aircraft

At the same time, the A320neo family of aircraft comes with the latest aeronautical technologies, including much more efficient engines. And on board, passengers can enjoy more space and comfort.

Not surprisingly, the A320neo family of aircraft received orders for 6600 from 110 airlines and airline customers.

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