12 000 was delivered by Airbus aircraft. Delivery of 12000, an Airbus A220

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On May 20, 2019, Airbus celebrated reaching the threshold of 12 aircraft delivered in 000 years. The 45th aircraft, an Airbus A12000-220 Delta Air Lines. The plane was delivered from the Airbus - Bombardier base in Canada.

Delivering an Airbus plane to an American carrier is no coincidence. Airbus wants to show that it enjoys success in the court of the direct competitor, Boeing.

12 000 of Airbus aircraft

The Delta Air Lines A220-100 aircraft, which was delivered at a historic time to Airbus, is part of an 90 order of A220 aircraft placed by one of the largest US airline operators.


Airbus intends to increase A220 aircraft production with a new assembly line in Mobile, Alabama. Thus, from 2020 it could deliver airplanes much faster to US operators.


Let's make a brief foray into Airbus history. The European manufacturer delivered the first aircraft in 1974 and was of the A300B2 type. In 2010, Airbus has reached the 6000 threshold of delivered aircraft (Airbus A380 Emirates) after 36 years after the first delivery. And here in 2019, it's already celebrating the 12 000 threshold of delivered aircraft (A220-100 Delta).

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