Ilyushin IL-114-300 Aircraft Design Auction

The new regional aircraft IL-114-300 will have a new, modern interior. It will be developed by Rusaviainter.

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For the development of the new interior of the IL-114-300 aircraft, Ilyushin Aviation Complex organized a tender, and the winner is Rusaviainter.

IL-114-300 is an aircraft of interest and will occupy its place in the regional transport niche in Russia. It combines the latest technologies in the field with modern design and will quickly become the basis for a whole family of flying equipment. For the passenger cabin, modern materials will be used to ensure comfort and safety during flights. The internal configuration is flexible, so it can be modified by the airline operators according to wishes.


In the basic version, the IL-114-300 aircraft will be configured with 68 passenger seats. Ergonomic seats, optimum lighting and air conditioning systems will allow the aircraft to compete with the world's largest aircraft manufacturers.

The Ilyushin IL-114-300 aircraft is designed to operate at regional and secondary airports, especially those not equipped with concrete runways. The stairs for boarding and disembarking passengers are incorporated, which offers an increase of operability in less equipped areas.

Technical features Ilyushin IL-114-300

26,877 meters long
9,324 meters high
30 meters wingspan
23,5 tonnes maximum weight when taking off
8870 liters fuel tank capacity
500 km / h maximum cruising speed
7600 maximum altitude in flight
1900 km distance that can be traveled with the maximum number of passengers (64)
30 years lifetime
30.000 flight hours / flight lifetime

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