Australia, USA and Canada, to the attention of young people in Romania

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The tense situation of the last days, amid the adoption and publication of the Emergency Ordinance amending the Penal Code, has generated a significant increase in the search of flights to destinations outside the continent.

right Paravion, one-way airline searches for countries such as Canada, Australia and the US have increased three times in the last 36 hours.

Australia, USA and Canada

On a regular January or February day, the most sought after airline tickets on Romanian tourism portals are for London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Rome and Berlin, and most of these searches are for return tickets.

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"We found, however, that since the night the Emergency Ordinance was adopted, which has generated significant street movements in recent days, cities such as New York, Sydney and Toronto have been among the most sought after destinations." said Remus Vișan, General Manager of the Paravion.

Searches for these destinations increased three times compared to an ordinary day, and the selections were for both one-way and return tickets.

"This urges us to believe that the political situation sends some messages that cause some Romanians, especially young people, to look with fear at their future. It is the result of the discrepancy between the values ​​of a democratic society and a series of actions insufficiently justified and communicated to the population ”, added Remus Vișan.

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