Austrian Airlines has introduced new cabins on long haul flights

Austrian Airlines introduced new cabins on long haul flights (video)

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Austrian Airlines has invested 90 million EURO in 2.538 seats, which have been installed on four Boeing 777 and six Boeing 767, long-haul aircraft. The new Economy Class and Business Class cabins offer a high degree of passenger comfort and come equipped with a new entertainment system.

Passengers who will fly to Business Class with Austrian Airlines, they will enjoy the comfort of the new armchairs (flat beds), but also of the DO & CO brand menus. The reconfiguration of the cabins led to an increase in passenger satisfaction with 31%.


  1. Master RA says

    I fly with Austrian on Beijing-Vienna with B767, and on Bangkok-Vienna with B 777-200. After many years, they also managed to make a facelift for these planes. It is true now the cabs look current. The problem is another, when I was flying I thought like B767, they are from Lauda Air's time (they were taken over by Austrian, when they bought Lauda Air), that is, they have 22-25 for years, here is B 777-200 "go" and they are for 15-18 years. However, for a company that respects itself, and the competition that is now racing to Asia, South East Asia, they are a bit behind.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      An aircraft can also fly 100 for years if properly maintained. The only problem that drives many to buy airplanes is fuel consumption. You can save a lot of money if you fly with next-generation airplanes ... Otherwise, fly online!

  2. Master RA says

    Theoretically it is, but practically not. One is to cross Europe with a Dacia 1300, 25 years, and another with a Dacia Logan 5 years! And it's not just about fuel consumption. Also in flight, one is to cross the Hymalaia with a B767 of 25 years and another with a B 777-300 of 5 years, or an A380 of 2 years.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Why? Dacia does not work if it is maintained? :) Poor Dacie, she is better the old one and more resistant to the new one 😀

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