Austrian Airlines employs 100 pilots in 2017

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I have been writing for over 4 years on this site. I am pleased to see how the commercial aviation industry grows and develops. More and more flights are operated every year, new routes are announced every day, the fleets of airlines are growing dizzy, and thousands of on-board companions are joining the airlines.

Austrian Airlines hires pilots

But in the chapter "pilots" the situation is not really pink. International aviation organizations are sounding an alarm in this regard. Boeing estimates a need for 620 over 000 globally for next year 20 pilots. And for Europe, Boeing has estimated the need for 100 000 over pilots.

Some will replace the current pilots, but others will support operational growth. But the pace at which they are prepared is too slow compared to the evolution of the market. But the process cannot be rushed either. Safety is first, and pilots need time to prepare.

Austrian Airlines announced the hiring of 145 of pilots in 2016, and for 2017, the Austrian operator has announced the availability of yet 100 places for inexperienced pilots. The pilots will be ready at European Flight Academy, flight school Lufthansa Group.

Austrian Airlines needs young pilots for new Embraer aircraft, for Airbus A320 aircraft, but also for Triple Seven aircraft. The first course, for about 30 of future pilots, will start at 6 February 2017. It will last for 21 months. The theoretical part will be in Bremen, Germany, and the practical training will be in Goodyear, Arizona in the United States and in Rostock-Laage, Germany. Following the courses, the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) will be offered. Details on

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