Austrian Airlines has said goodbye to its first Boeing 767-300ER

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Today, March 3, 2021, Austrian Airlines said goodbye to its first Boeing 767-300ER. The aircraft, registered as OE-LAT, is heading to its new owner, Monocoque Diversified Interests. The plane was one of the oldest wide-body aircraft in the Lufthansa Group, being about 30 years old at the time of leaving the Austrian Airlines fleet.

The pandemic has caused changes in the global fleet of aircraft. Significantly impacted were wide-body aircraft, especially those with four engines. However, some airlines have also chosen to withdraw older twinjet aircraft, given the reduction in costs and the resizing of the fleet in relation to existing demand.

Boeing 767-300ER OE-LAT - bye bye
Boeing 767-300ER OE-LAT - bye bye

This morning, Austrian Airlines said goodbye to the oldest aircraft in the fleet, the Boeing 767-300ER OE-LAT. The aircraft arrived in the Austrian Airlines fleet in March 2007, after passing through Lauda Air in October 1991.

All this time, the Boeing 767-300ER OE-LAT operated 19 takeoffs and landings and successfully completed over 000 flight hours. The departure of the aircraft from the Austrian Airlines fleet did not go unnoticed by the company's employees, who left their signatures on the front landing gear flap.

Echipajul Austrian Airlines - bye bye OE-LAT
Austrian Airlines crew - bye bye OE-LAT

In May, the Boeing 767-300ER OE-LAX aircraft will fly to MDI, and somewhere in 2021, the third 767 will take off for the American land, also in the MDI fleet.

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