Austrian Airlines celebrates 55 years of flights to / from Romania

Austrian Airlines celebrates 55 years of flights to / from Romania

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The first Austrian Airlines flight to Bucharest took place on 2 September 1959. Over time, the company has become a landmark of quality and trust for both tourists and business people coming or leaving Bucharest via Vienna. Today, 55 years later, Austrian Airlines operates 5 daily flights between Bucharest and Vienna, daily flights to Sibiu, as well as 6 weekly flights to Iasi. The company thus offers the ideal connection between Romania and 130 of destinations in 55 from countries in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

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Between September 1 and September 15, Austrian Airlines celebrates its 55 years of presence in Romania with its passengers, who are offered a series of special discounts. For any ticket to intercontinental destinations, they receive one discount of 55 EUR (discount code Viena55IK), and for tickets to Europe the discount is 15 EUR (discount code Viena55). All discounts are valid for tickets purchased from the website

Along with excellent connections, Austrian Airlines passengers enjoy the services among the most consistent and reliable in the world. In the year 2013, globally, with 73 aircraft, the company operated a total of 135,088 flights, of which 70 daily flights. The races had a regularity of 98.9%, while the punctuality of departures was around 88.5%.

Austrian Airlines offers economy class passengers the opportunity to choose and order, in addition to the meal included in the price of the trip, any of the three-course menus freshly prepared and provided by DO & CO. For just 15 EUR, passengers can pre-order culinary delights such as a hot breakfast, a Viennese snitzel, Japanese specialties and more.

The special menu you want can be ordered with just one click, on Those who find it difficult to choose have the option of ordering the menu up to 36 hours before taking off. In addition, based on the reservation code, you can order an à la carte menu and as a surprise gift. In addition to this, both Business Class and Economy Class passengers receive free snacks or meals, as well as a wide range of hot and cold drinks.

Austrian Airlines has renovated the entire intercontinental fleet and fitted new and modern cabins. Thus, passengers on intercontinental flights benefit from the benefits of the new cabins. For the Economy class, the advantages include high comfort seats or integrated non-stop entertainment system. As for the Business Class range, the innovative ergonomic chairs are horizontal, which can be folded horizontally and thus transformed into true comfortable beds. Also, the multi-award winning company DO & CO also delivers culinary delights from all over the world.


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