Authorities in Canada: Iran is fully to blame for the crash of the Boeing 737-800 Ukraine International Airlines civilian plane!

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The two missiles that shot down a Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine International Airlines on January 8, 2020 were the result of a mixture of "recklessness", "incompetence" and "disregard for human life" from Iran, even if there is no evidence. a premeditated act, according to a report issued by the competent authorities of Canada.

The Iranian military has put air defense systems on high alert near a civilian airport, Canadian experts say, failing to take protective measures such as closing airspace over Tehran or notifying civilian aircraft.

"All the planes that passed through Tehran airport that night were in danger, including four civilian planes that took off before Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 and carried hundreds of passengers to major international hubs."

In fact, based on all available information, Canadian experts concluded that: "Iran has pursued several targets without being able to distinguish between passenger planes and legitimate threats."

"The official report provided by Iran is misleading and superficial, deliberately ignoring key factors," according to Canadian experts. In addition, "Iran must also consider the destruction of evidence that occurred after the landing of flight PS752, including bulldozing the crash site prior to the arrival of investigators."

Flight PS752 Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), which was flying on the Tehran-Kiev route, crashed on January 8, 2020, shortly after taking off from the Iranian capital. There were 176 people on board, including 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents of Canada. Three days later, Iranian armed forces admit to shooting down plane "by mistake", but in its official report published in March last year, the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization sought to "whiten" the military hierarchy.

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