The Italian antitrust authority is investigating RYANAIR for allegedly taking advantage of COVID-19

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The Italian administration, by authority sa antitrust, announced the opening of an investigation into Ryanair, accusing the company of conducting unfair commercial practices and misleading advertising in connection with flight cancellations, taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to confuse travelers .

The Italian antitrust authority is investigating RYANAIR

The file, opened thanks to a complaint from you Association for the Rights of Users and Consumers (ADUC), investigates a incorrect commercial practice in the service provision and cancellation management phase, as well as misleading advertising about the features of a service offered by the company: "change of flight without penalties".

According to the publication, the authority mentions that RYANAIR interpreted “strangely” the rules and laws invoking the coronavirus pandemic in the management of flight cancellations. At the same time, the company is accused of improper withholding of passengers' money, being situations when the reimbursements were paid partially and indefinitely.

RYANAIR uses wording that is difficult to understand or misleading

The Authority also mentions that RYANAIR uses wording that is difficult to understand or misleading, discouraging the passenger from changing / changing the flight and / or destination.

The Italian antitrust authority has another case opened four years ago, also for RYANAIR, because it did not inform users about their rights in case of cancellations.

If we analyze the situation at European level, RYANAIR is not the only company that had this behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will follow this investigation. We come back with information when there will be news!

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