Greek authorities are imposing a negative COVID-19 test on anyone wishing to enter Greece at the Promachonas border crossing.

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In the last 24 hours, 29 people who entered Greece were detected with COVID-19. Which led to an emergency meeting of the Greek authorities. The Greeks were frightened by the growing number of new cases of COVID-19 detected at those crossing their border.

Following this meeting, new travel measures were established. This is how, from July 14 (06:00), all those who enter Greece at the rubbing point Promachonas must present a test report attesting to the negative result of COVID-19. PCV test of COVID-19 is accepted, done up to 72 hours before entering Greece.

At the moment, nothing is mentioned if the test must be done by those who travel by plane. It is possible that only a land border measure will be adopted because in land customs it is more complicated to test everyone.

Next, the Passenger Location Form (PLF) must be completed. The minimum time to complete the PLF is limited to 24 hours before arriving in Greece. And, obviously, the QR code obtained after completing that form must be presented.

At the same time, the Athens authorities mentioned that they will increase the number of controls throughout the country. It will be checked whether the protocols and health measures required to stop the spread of the new coronavirus are being followed.

INFO: Skai tv

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