Avianca Argentina suspended operations from 7 June 2019

Avianca Argentina suspended operations from 7 June 2019

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On 7 June 2019, Avianca Argentina suspended its operations. The airline is part of Avianca Holdings SA, to which Germán Efromovich is a shareholder.

Avianca Argentina has financial problems and has asked to suspend operations for 90 days. During this time a restructuring process will take place. The application was submitted to the aeronautical authority of Argentina - ANAC.

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If in the 90 days, the situation will not meet expectations, Avianca Argentina officials will be able to request an additional 90 days.

Avianca Argentina currently owns a fleet of 2 ATR 72-600 aircraft. It operates flights from Buenos Aires to Mar Del Plata and Santa Fe. The new Avianca Argentina began operations on 21 November 2017.

At that time, the plans were great. It wanted a fleet of large capacity aircraft, flying domestic and international. But this has not happened.

Here, after 1.5 years, Avianca Argentina is forced to suspend its operations. It is the second airline in Avianca to suspend its flights. On 24 May, Avianca Brasil gave up first.

Businessman Germán Efromovich has big financial problems. And, with the bankruptcy of Avianca Brasil, it was removed from the leadership of Avianca. He was replaced by TACA Executive Director Roberto Kriete.

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