Aviation incident: Boeing 737-800 Ryanair exceeded 08L runway threshold

In the morning of this day, at 10: 37, at Henri Coandă Airport, a Ryanair aircraft exceeded the physical threshold of runway 08L.

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Today, at 10.37, at Henri Coandă Airport, a Boeing 738 Ryanair aircraft, carrying the Berlin - Bucharest flight, crossed the 08L-26R runway, safely stopping on the concrete surface. The aircraft immediately returned and continued rolling to the parking position.

Boeing 737-800 Ryanair has exceeded the physical threshold of the 08L runway

There were 183 passengers and crew members aboard the plane. The passengers were safely landed. No one suffered and no material damage was recorded.

Following this aviation incident, a team of the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Center started the investigations, according to the regulations in force.

We remind you that the incident is not unique. In June, an Airbus A320 Turkish Airlines aircraft stopped at the physical threshold of the 08L runway.

To better understand the situation, let's see what the situation of the 2 tracks is. Henri Coandă - Bucharest International Airport has 2 runways 3 meters long. These are: track 500 (1R - 08L) and track 26 (2L - 08R). Runway 26 is to the right of the airport - 1 Right, runway 08 is to the left of the airport - 2 Left.

Takeoff / landing runway no. 2 (08L-26R) is operated with the physical threshold shifted, having only 2200 operational meters from the 3500 official meters. This situation is from 15 August 2015. The reception of works on 1 / 3 from this track was rejected.

In other words, the work was executed, and this piece of long track 1 300 meters is restored, but its reception was rejected. It will probably have to be rebuilt or it may be approved under certain rules.

So the 2 runway has only 2200 operational meters for landings and take-offs. In the case of the RYANAIR aircraft, some sources say that the aircraft reported tailwind and contaminated runway (rain had just started). The adverse weather conditions plus the track of 2200 meters led to exceeding the offset threshold.

Normally, under optimal conditions, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft could land approximately 1700 meters from the time of the touchdown. But we know very well that airplanes do not put the wheels down firmly on the runway head.

The same sources mentioned that the 2 runway is closed in such weather conditions, except that in this case the rain had started for a short time, but it was enough to change the landing conditions.

Nothing serious has happened, but it is good to take further steps to avoid such situations! All's well that ends well!

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