Movies with airplanes and the world of aviation (VIDEO)

Movies with airplanes!

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If it's still weekend, I decided to share some of the aviation and aviation movies I watch with pleasure. I'm sure there are many more good movies worth watching, and our tastes may not be common, but this is a personal ranking. I invite you to leave comments on which movies you prefer, but be on planes.

Sully (NEVER)

The movie "Sully" has Clint Eastwood in the directorial seat, and Tom Hanks is the protagonist. He will portray national hero Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, an American pilot who forcibly landed on the Hudson River in January 2009 with a liner, saving the lives of all 155 passengers on board. The biographical film recounts a few moments after the accident, when Sully was investigated for his actions. You will find the verdict in the movie!

Pan Am (NEVER)

It appeared in 2011 and has only one series of 14 episodes. The series depicts the lives of Pan Am pilots and stewards from the 60 years of the Cold War. At that time, traveling by plane was a luxury, and most of the passengers were wealthy people, politicians, businessmen. You will see the 7 actors in the main roles in different stages, some more dramatic, some more comical. And don't be surprised when on-board companions also play spy roles.

Flight (2012)

Denzel Washington gets into Whip Whitaker's skin. He plays the role of a pilot endowed and respected by colleagues and superiors, whom the media and Americans perceive as a national hero after he manages to bring a severely damaged aircraft to the ground. He managed to save the lives of 98 passengers from the 106 he was carrying. His problem is alcohol. I invite you to watch the movie for details!

Up in the Air (2009)

George Clooney (Ryan Bingham) plays a human resources expert at an Omaha - Nebraska consulting firm. He flies from city to city to fire people and do "dirty" work that many employers do not have the courage to do.

The situation is complicated when Natalie appears, who proposes to reduce the expenses by implementing a program of dismissal of employees through the Internet. Ryan Bingham, in addition to his work, has a personal goal. He wants to reach 10 millions of miles flown. The film also has an educational side for those who travel a lot by plane.

I wish you enjoyable viewing!

  1. Michel says

    Hello Sorin,
    You can add to your list this movie "Low Cost Movie (2011)".
    See you soon!

  2. KorinaMS says

    The Aviator? 🙂

  3. Sorin says

    I put them on the list! :) Thanks!

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