2016 Aviation Safety Network report: 19 casualties

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As usual, the beginning of the year brings us the preliminary report for last year from the Aviation Safety Network. According to information published by ASN, 2016 was a very safe year for commercial aviation.

19 accidents with victims

ASN reported 19 accidents with victims and 325 of deaths. These statistics place 2016 on the 2nd place according to the number of registered accidents and according to the number of deaths. 2015 remains the year with the fewest recorded plane crashes, 16 in number. 2013 remains the year with the fewest deaths from plane crashes - 265 people.

According to ASN, over 2016 millions of flights were operated in 35, resulting in a casualty accident at 3.2 million flights.

ASN monitors only aviation accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft with a minimum capacity of 14 seats. As a result, the accident recorded in December involving the Tu-154 Russian Air Force aircraft is not included in the report.

According to ASN, the most common aviation accident with the victims, which took place in 2016, was the one recorded near Medellin, Colombia. An Avro RJ85 aircraft, operating under the LaMia Bolivia colors, collapsed after pilots reported fuel depletion.

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