The A340 TAP Air Portugal aircraft were withdrawn from operational service

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After years of 25 flying on 5 continents, TAP Air Portugal said goodbye to Airbus A340 aircraft. The Portuguese air carrier is modernizing its fleet and is taking important steps towards the new wide-body Airbus NEO generation aircraft.

At the end of October, the last Airbus A340 TAP aircraft had a special ceremony. This was held in the hangar 6 of the Portuguese airline. The event was attended by company employees, TAP representatives and almost all those who worked with A340 aircraft.

TAP Air Portugal has given up A340

At the beginning of the 1990 years, the A340 family of aircraft was considered a sophisticated and modern one. At that time, the new Airbus A340 aircraft came equipped with modern seats, with individual entertainment system. Passengers had every reason to choose flights with A340 because they were comfortable and revolutionary aircraft for those times.

The Airbus A340 TAP Air Portugal fleet has transported over 12 millions of passengers to 55 from destinations on the 5 continents. They were operated over 63 000 flights, which totaled over 450 000 flight hours.

Goodbye, Airbus A340 TAP Air Portugal!

The A340 aircraft was replaced by the new A330neo and A321LR models. Even if it is a single-aisle aircraft, the Airbus A321LR can play an important role in developing the long-haul flight network. As for A330neo, it is based on the success of the A330 model, but is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

TAP Air Portugal will have a modern fleet by the end of 2019. At the same time, it will continue to invest in aircraft interiors, to provide additional comfort to passengers and to provide quality services on board. It will continue to expand its operational network with short, medium and long flights.

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