Bacau - London with Wizz Air, from October 19, 2020

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Update October 18, 2020: Wizz Air will inaugurate the Bacău - London route on October 19.

Update October 12, 2020: Wizz Air has postponed the launch of the route until October 16.

Update October 8, 2020: Wizz Air is forced to postpone the launch of the Bacau - London route until October 12. Bacau Airport is not ready to receive passengers.

Update September 21, 2020: Wizz Air postpones the inauguration of the Bacău - London route. The first flight will be operated on October 9.

Initial news - September 9, 2020: Wizz Air has announced that it will start operating the flights Bacau - London Luton from October 1, 2020. Much earlier than the initially announced deadline, when it also announced the new base in Bacau.

For a start, there will be 4 flights a week and they will increase to daily flights after the base opens on October 29. This is one of the 12 new routes WIZZ base from Bacău, which will be officially opened on October 29.

Schedule Bacau - London with Wizz Air

W9 3901 Bacău 21:30 - 22:55 London on Sunday
W9 3901 Bacău 21:50 - 23:15 London on Monday
W9 3901 Bacău 21:55 - 23:30 London on Wednesday
W9 3901 Bacău 18:30 - 19:55 London on Friday

W9 3902 London 15:45 - 20:55 Bacău on Sunday
W9 3902 London 16:05 - 21:15 Bacău on Monday
W9 3902 London 16:10 - 21:20 Bacău on Wednesday
W9 3902 London 12:45 - 17:55 Bacău on Friday

The schedule may change depending on the operational changes made by Wizz Air.

*The routes and flight schedules are set by the airline in accordance with the laws and restrictions imposed by the authorities.

** The AirlinesTravel website is not responsible for operational changes, flights or airline tickets.

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