Bankruptcy Soley Tour: thousands of tourists affected! Agencies from Romania jump to the aid of tourists stranded in Turkey.

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Update August 23, 2022: The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism carries out all the necessary steps to identify the situation exposed on a social media page by the administrator of Soley Tour, Tourism Agency specialized in Turkish destinations, License no. 2316/ 17.11.2020. At this moment, the company has not submitted the request to enter the insolvency procedure, but is in the insolvency procedure. At the same time, the company has a guarantee instrument of 100.000 euros that can be accessed after declaring insolvency.

Initial news: Unfortunately, another tour operator goes bankrupt and Romanian tourism is shaken again. It is about the Soley Tour agency, established in the summer of 2020. The announcement of bankruptcy and cessation of activity was made by Erdinc Adali, one of the owners of the agency.

Bankruptcy Soley Tour

Soley Tour is a Romanian-Turkish tour operator agency, established in the summer of 2020, with Ionuț Nedea as the majority shareholder, owner of, a retailer in the Black Sea vacation segment. In this business, Ionuț Nedea partnered with Erdinc Adali, who has a rich experience in the field of tourism, he mentions We mention that Mr. Ionuș Nedea left Soley Tour at the end of 2021.

At this moment, following the bankruptcy of Soley Tour, thousands of tourists are affected. Many of them arrived in Antalya and found that they would not have the accommodation they had paid for. Others were left without return flights. In this context, several agencies in Romania jumped to the aid of tourists affected by the bankruptcy of Soley Tour.

Prestige Tours offers repatriation flights from Antalya to Romania, subject to available seats. Christian Tour announced that: All Soley Tour tourists who are in Antalya and have flown on Christian Tour charters will be repatriated without additional payment from them or their reseller agencies.

Carpathians offers free tickets available on their planes on the Antalya - Romania routes, starting today until August 28. Tours residence will offer Soley Tour tourists free places for repatriation, subject to availability, on Antalya/Bucharest and Bodrum/Bucharest charters for August 27.

Mr Peter Company offers free repatriation flights Antalya – Romania (CLUJ, IASI, TIMIȘOARA) subject to availability. Cocktail Holidays offers free return flights from Antalya to Romania, subject to availability.

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