Blue Air base in Brno and 7 new destinations

The South Moravian Region Council approved the establishment of Blue Air Moravia and the opening of the base in Brno.

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Good news for Blue Air also comes from the Czech Republic. The Council of the South Moravian Region approved the establishment of Blue Air Moravia and the opening of the Brno base. The new airline - Blue Air Moravia - will be 65% owned by the Romanian airline Blue Air, and 35% by the South Moravian development company.

Blue Air Base in Brno

For those who do not know, the South Moravian Region is in the south of the Czech Republic and has the administrative center in the city of Brno. It is divided into seven districts.

According to information provided by, a Boeing 737-500 aircraft will be allocated to the base at Bohemian Airport. It will operate flights to 7 destinations: Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Lviv, Milan and Rome, and in the summer months to Dubrovnik and Split.

The details will be set in the next period, and the flight schedule will be announced in January 2018. South Moravian Region officials plan to invest 60 millions of crowns in the development of air transport and increase the number of passengers with 130.000.

We will come back with information!

  1. Lucian says

    Brno-Romania nothing?
    Strange movement… but still, the airport in Brno is under use, although extremely well connected… from the train station you walk 300 meters, and you have a non-stop bus directly to the airport. The same goes for the bus station.
    You can fly from Europe to Milan… but in this area there is no low cost to Romania (I'm talking about Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Katovice and Krakow)
    I have to go by train right to Budapest, where the connection is pretty bad at the airport (also a perfume compared to Otopeni, which is horribly related to Bucharest) and from there spikes .. 1. at the airport foreign exchange - one house with rates fine, 2. you can't get a bus ticket if you don't change money at that house. 3. connection to the center .. change 2 buses, be careful to be with the night buses. Of Romania… only good, because it's even worse

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, we need more flights between Romania and the Czech Republic. Prague is a dream destination, but so are the rest of the Czech Republic… Maybe from 2018 we will have more gates to this country!

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