Be Blue Air magazine is back on board Blue Air aircraft

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Starting today, October 21, Blue Air passengers can rejoin on-board magazine aircraft "Be Blue Air", due to the partnership between Blue Air – Airline Management Solutions and The creative agency Semeniuc Consulting. With dynamic content, tailored to the needs of Blue Air travelers, the new "be Blue Air" magazine transforms each flight into a unique, exciting and interesting experience.

be Blue Air

This is the 19 issue of "be Blue Air" magazine, which was launched five years ago. The new editorial team has rethought the structure of the magazine, which now harmoniously combines useful information for each traveler, addressing topics of interest to passengers: from tips and tricks related to travel and flight, to those that capture the essence of Blue Air destinations. In the 80 pages of the magazine articles about local and international celebrities, ideas for traveling with the little ones, entertainment, inspirational stories, new editorial or high tech releases, exclusive materials about personalities in the field of aviation and many others, have been published.

Like a mouthful of fresh air, the new "be Blue Air" encompasses the airline's smart flying philosophy, modern design and quality information.

The magazine is distributed free of charge to Blue Air passengers and has a quarterly appearance, each edition being read by over 400.000 people. The magazine can also be accessed directly on the Blue Air website, in the section About us / Inflight Magazine.

Below you have some interesting information about in-flight magazine advertising and personalized campaigns inside Blue Air!

"Be Blue Air" magazine is also a safe and easy way for media and advertising agencies to reach a large number of potential customers, the aircraft cabin environment generating an efficiency rate with an 2.000 impact of times greater than traditional environments. Passengers are very receptive to in-flight advertising messages, due to the captive environment in which they are for approximately 2 hours and a half (average flight time), and studies in the field show that in-flight advertising has the most high degree of response between all types of media, respectively between 85-94% of passengers can remember their brands and messages present in the cockpit.

The creativity of the client companies will always have the support of Blue Air for the implementation of unique campaigns and on other promotional spaces, both inside the fleet aircraft, through sampling actions, customization of the luggage compartments and the luggage compartments above the seats, as well as outside, through collaring of aircraft. In this regard, within the company Blue Air-Airline Management Solutions there is a department dedicated to the creation and implementation of personalized campaigns.

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