Beijing Daxing, ready for inauguration / Over 60 airlines will fly to Beijing Daxing

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The first stage of development of the new Beijing Daxing International Airport was completed at the end of June 2019. Then the finishing work and operational tests began.

On 19 July 2019, Beijing Daxing Airport performed the first full rehearsal. In about 6 hours, over 6000 participants went through all the procedures as regular passengers. This test had the role to detect any problems in the operational flow and to remedy them.

Chinese officials are confident in observing the opening deadline. Some Asian publications say the new airport could open on 15 September. But, until official confirmation, we are communicating the date of 30 September, the day when Beijing Daxing Airport will open its doors.

Beijing Daxing, ready for the inauguration

60 is expected by airlines around the world to fly from Beijing to Daxing. These include Chinese operators: China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines.

But the first airline to move its operations to Beijing Daxing is China United Airlines, a subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines. Starting with September 30 2019, China 60's 4000 aircraft will fly from the new base. At the same time, over XNUMX employees will be relocated.

Shanghai Airlines, another China Eastern Airlines subsidiary, will move all operations to Beijing Daxing.

Over 60 airlines will fly to Beijing Daxing

In the winter season 2019-2020, China Eastern Airlines will move 10% of Beijing Capital's operations to the new Beijing Daxing base. Following that 80% of operations will be moved from the 2020 summer season. From Beijing Capital, China Eastern Airlines will continue to operate the 2020 daily 46 flights to Shanghai.

According to the China Civil Aviation Administration, China Eastern Airlines and its subsidiaries will receive 30% of the slots of the new Beijing Daxing International Airport.

But most of the slots, in the amount of 40%, will be allocated to China Southern Airlines. In addition to the operational slots, China Southern has built Asia's largest technical hangar, operational control center and flight menu production base.

The remaining 30% of the slots will be split between the other airlines, which will fly from / to Beijing Daxing. Among the Chinese companies, we also list Beijing Capital Airlines, Air China.

Airlines ready to fly to Beijing Daxing

Related to European operators, Finnair (3 November) and LOT Polish Airlines (28 October) will debut in the winter season 2019-2020 with flights to Beijing Daxing. But these will complement the existing ones to Beijing Capital.

Instead, British Airways (starting October 27) announced the move of all operations from Beijing Capital to the new Beijing Daxing airport.

With 4 runways, 268 aircraft parking and the 700.000 square meter terminal, the new Beijing Daxing Airport is poised to welcome 45 of millions of passengers per year to 2021 and 72 of millions of passengers to 2025.

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