Beijing Daxing International Airport was inaugurated

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On 25 September 2019, Beijing Daxing International Airport was inaugurated. The Chinese respected the terms and kept their word. Beijing Daxing International Airport is expected to be the largest airport in the world, but for the first time it will not jump from 72 to millions of passengers until 2025.

Beijing's new airport was opened in time, one week before the People's Republic of China's 70 anniversary.

If we analyze the top of the busiest airports in the world, Beijing Daxing International Airport was needed. Beijing Capital, Beijing's premier airport, jumped by 100 million passengers.

Returning to the inauguration of the new airport, we mention that President Xi Jinping was the one who "christened" the airport during an opening ceremony. The event was attended by representatives of the airport, representatives of the press, numerous dignitaries and representatives of the airlines. Officially, Beijing Daxing International Airport was opened to air passenger traffic.

Most flights will debut on October 27. We are talking about flights operated by Air China, Beijing Capital Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Himalaya Airlines, Juneyao Airlines.

In the beginning, domestic flights will be operated. Obviously, there are many things to be resolved until international flights are operated. Like any work, it also needs finishing.

European airlines ready to fly to Beijing Daxing

Related to European operators, Finnair (3 November) and LOT Polish Airlines (28 October) will debut in the winter season 2019-2020 with flights to Beijing Daxing. But these will complement the existing ones to Beijing Capital.

Instead, British Airways (starting October 27) announced the move of all operations from Beijing Capital to the new Beijing Daxing airport.

With 4 runways, 268 aircraft parking and the 700.000 square meter terminal, the new Beijing Daxing Airport is poised to welcome 45 of millions of passengers per year to 2021 and 72 of millions of passengers to 2025.

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