Beijing Daxing International Airport - Beijing mega-airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport - Beijing mega-airport

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In August I told you about the busiest airport in the world - Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International. In 2011, the airport has traffic of over 90 million passengers and will be expanded to support 120 million passengers from 2016-2017.

But as we anticipated, in the next 3-4 years, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport may be ranked third in passenger traffic. Two more airports are already under construction and will support over 120 millions of passengers annually - Al Maktoum International from Dubai will support up to 150 millions of passengers and Beijing Daxing International Airport which will carry up to 200 millions of passengers annually.

According to new information, Beijing Daxing International Airport will have 8 runways dedicated to commercial traffic and one reserved for the army, will occupy 2680 hectares and will have an area of ​​55 square kilometers - slightly larger than Bermuda. It will be approximately 45 kilometers from the Beijing political center. The airport will be linked to China's capital by a high-speed rail line. For starters, it will support 130 of millions of passengers, with 2020 reaching a capacity of 200 of millions of passengers.

The new airport will have a SkyTeam hub from where China Southern, Asia's largest operator, and China Eastern will operate. Air China, a Star Alliance member airline, will remain at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Theoretically, the Chinese started building this airport and plan to inaugurate it at the end of 2017. Through 2010,2011 news announced the airport for 2015. I don't even know what to believe. It remains to see how things will develop, the rumors and we will return with information.

Until the official pictures with the mega-airport, I leave you to follow some pictures with the layout designed by NACO, the Dutch company that won the project for the construction of this airport, which has been evaluated at several billion dollars.

200 millions of passengers a year traffic through an airport, incredible figure!

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