Belgium opens its borders for tourist travel, but with caution

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As of April 19, 2021, travel to and from the red zones will no longer be prohibited, but the authorities recommend avoiding all travel that is not absolutely necessary. Belgia, the country where travel abroad for a tourist stay or any other non-essential reason has been banned since the end of January due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will reopen its borders on Monday, April 19, to travel to the European Union (EU).

The EU travel ban will be "picked up Sunday nightbut these journeys will remain recommended Said Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. For travel outside the EU, European standards remain in force, he said.

Monday, April 19, corresponds to the beginning of the school year after the Easter holidays, for which the Belgian government wanted, in February, to avoid as much as possible the trip of its population abroad. From now on, travel to the EU will be possible, but Belgian travel will be subject to "very strict monitoring" on return, according to the prime minister.

Police will continue to verify that passengers have completed the required location form. Also, travel to the red zones remains prohibited, and those returning from such an area will have to be quarantined for 7 days, whether they are vaccinated or not. For the time being, Romania remains in the red zone according to the Belgian classification.

Bars, cafes and restaurants will be able to open terraces from 8 May 2021, after their complete closure for 6 months.

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