Draft beer, special menu and traditional Oktoberfest costumes aboard Lufthansa aircraft

Draft beer, special menu and traditional Oktoberfest costumes aboard Lufthansa aircraft

During the period 22 September - 7 October 2018, Oktoberfest takes place in Munich. The largest beer festival gathers over 6 millions of visitors - tourists and locals. To mark this year's event, Lufthansa offers draft beer on 3 long-haul flights departing from Munich.

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During the period 22 September - 7 October, Oktoberfest takes place in Munich. To mark the event, Lufthansa prepared a special menu and draft beer for business passengers on 3 long-haul flights departing from Munich. At the same time, the cabin attendants will be dressed in the traditional Bavarian costume, not the classic Lufthansa uniform.

The first targeted flight was operated on 19 September, on the Munich - New York route. The second target flight was operated on 25 September, on the Munich - Singapore route. And the 3 chosen flight will be operated on the 6 October, on the Munich - Shanghai route.

Business passengers on these flights will be able to enjoy the special Oktoberfest menu, as well as the fresh beer served on tap.

Oktoberfest on board Lufthansa aircraft

The traditional Bavarian uniform will also be worn by the flight attendants on several European flights, which will be operated by Lufthansa CityLine. During the 5-7 October period, the Bavarian Oktoberfest uniform will be admired on flights to Berlin, Cologne / Bonn, Luxembourg, Pisa, Genoa, Amsterdam, Rzeszow, Timisoara and Cagliari.

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Returning to the beer served from barrels, the tradition began in the 1960 years, with the launch of the "Lufthansa Senator" service. After 50 years, draft beer returns to Lufthansa flights. The barrels were specially designed to be used in airplanes even at 10 000 meters altitude.


Between September and October, passengers from Business Class, on all Lufthansa intercontinental flights, will be able to taste some traditional Bavarian dishes. The menu was created in partnership with culinary experts from LSG Sky Chefs. Among the preparations: truffle calf tartare, Bavarian cream with pistachio pesto sauce, meat in Riesling sauce.

During the Oktoberfest, Lufthansa ground staff, working at 2 Terminal at the Franz Josef Strauß Munich Airport, will be dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes. And the Lufthansa lounges at 2 Terminal will be a big holiday. Traditional dishes and draft beer will be served. The traditional Bavarian white sausages and sausages will not be missing.

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