Berlin Brandenburg Airport closes Terminal 5 for a minimum of one year.

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On 23 February, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH will close Terminal 5 of the BER (formerly Schönefeld Airport) for an initial period of one year. The number of passengers has dropped dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic, which means that the volume of passenger traffic can be managed entirely at Terminal 1.

Savings resulting from the concentration of air traffic only in Terminal 1 of the airport Berlin Brandenburg amounts to about 25 million euros per year.

The new Terminal 2, fully completed and operational, will also not be operational for the time being. As soon as the number of passengers increases again, the operations of Terminal 2 and subsequently of Terminal 5 will be resumed gradually, as necessary.

SunExpress takes off from Terminal 1 on February 1st.

The first airline to move its operations from Terminal 5 to Terminal 1 was SunExpress, on February 1. For flights to Terminal 5 until 23 February, passengers are asked to contact the airline or the website for information on any changes in departures and arrivals.

Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, Executive Director of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH estimates that in 2021 Berlin Brandenburg Airport will handle approximately 10 million passengers, well below initial estimates made before the pandemic. Terminal 5 will be preserved and organized so that it can be reopened in a few weeks, when necessary.

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