Berlin Brandenburg International - opening on 3 June 2012

Berlin Brandenburg International - opening on 3 June 2012

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The capital of Germany, Berlin, has serious problems with airports. Currently they are 2 (Schönefeld and Tigel), but small and inefficient. It seems that this problem will be solved in the summer of this year when the airport is scheduled to open Berlin Brandenburg International.

It will be the second largest airport in the Federal Republic, after the Frankfurt airport, with a capacity of up to 45 million passengers annually. From June 2012, all air traffic will be redirected, from the two current airports of Berlin, to the new airport Berlin Brandenburg International Willy Brandt.

The giant construction extends on 1.470 of hectares. Impressive will be the 33.000 square meters of the glass terminal, high 6 floors, in which will operate 104 counters and 200 automatic check-in machines. State-of-the-art technology, tailor-made design, with clear lines and architectural elements belonging to the Bauhaus, shopping, dozens of restaurants and cafes await in the first months after opening around 27 millions of passengers.

The less visible part is that Berlin Brandenburg International will have 85 aircraft parking spaces, and at peak hours, they will land and take off planes with about 6.500 people on board, in one hour. Buses, subways and trains will connect the airport to the city center, the distance being traveled in less than half an hour.

Berlin Brandenburg International will have 2 tracks, one 3600m - asphalt and one 4000m - concrete, which will land and take off approximately 1500 aircraft per day.

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