Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt and the "night of the night"

Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt and the "night of the night" (video)

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We stay fixed for a month until the opening of Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport, the third largest in Germany. About the big day I told you more and pointed out some information available at the time. However, as the date approaches, more and more "secrets" about the grand opening begin to appear.

With the opening of the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport Willy Brandt (IATA: BBI), the existing 2 and operational airports (Schönefeld and Tegel) will be closed and all equipment will be moved to the new "house", including staff.

The interesting part now begins. The organizers announced that this move would be larger than the one in 1999, when the government moved from Bonn to Berlin. Employees began to collect 55.000 cubic meters of equipment. I made a calculation and it turned out that all the equipment can be transported with over 550 mega-trucks (one shot has about 100m3). Moving operations have already begun, but most of the equipment will be moved on the night between 2 and 3 June, hence the "night of the night", when part of the streets of Berlin will be blocked to allow the convoy to pass by. The ground action will also be supported by a fleet of cargo aircraft.

Pictures with Berlin Brandenburg International in the works

"This is the first time that two airports will be moved overnight, on their own!", A statement made by Leif Erichsen, the spokesman for the new airport.

Officials are also prepared for slightly unpleasant situations, which will inevitably occur. An airport is like a smaller town, and the airport authorities have called on some experts from Munich to organize the whole operation.

Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt inside - simulation

The new airport will replace the other existing 3 in Berlin (one was closed in 2008) and will create new jobs over 40 000. It will be a hub for airlines: Air Berlin, EasyJet, Germany, Germanwings and Lufthansa. It will be the 3 in size in Germany and the 13 in Europe.

Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt is located 18 Km south of central Berlin, and several road and rail routes will provide connections between the airport and the capital of Germany.

Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt filmed from above

The giant construction covers 1.470 hectares. Impressive will be the 33.000 square meters of the glass terminal, high 6 floors, in which will operate 104 counters and 200 automatic check-in machines. State-of-the-art technology, tailor-made design, with clear lines and architectural elements belonging to the Bauhaus, shopping, dozens of restaurants and cafes will expect about 27 millions of passengers in the first months of opening. The airport is scheduled to carry up to 50 million passengers annually.

We will return with information and look forward to the grand opening. Berlin Tegel will close on 2 June 2012, and AirBerlin will organize a special holiday. That night, around 22.50, it will take off the AB1000 flight operated by AirBerlin. It will be the last take-off by a passenger aircraft. Then the lights of the veteran airport will go out.

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