Berlin - Bucharest with Lufthansa

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Last year I traveled to Berlin for the first time. I was surprised to see that from Romania there was no direct flight to the German capital. So I had to fly with KLM and I stopped in Amsterdam. In 2012, however, the job is different. Lufthansa launched direct route Bucharest - Berlin on 3 June.

Last days I had the opportunity to test this route. I went to IFA 2012, in one press trip powered by Toshiba, and on the return I flew Berlin - Bucharest with Lufthansa.

The race is operated by aircraft Airbus A319-100 and for me it was the first flight with this type of plane. The chairs are just ok for the economy. The backrest is adjustable, there is enough space under the seats to hold a photo bag or other type of hand luggage. It's clean, the aircraft performed well, and the crew showed professionalism. The flight attendants have the same uniform, smiles on the face and gives you the confidence you need for a relaxing flight.

The flight being short, did not expect a complex menu. You can choose sandwich with ham or cheese (I chose cheese), and in the boxes you can find some sweets and even a bag with 4-5 slices of apples. Refreshments, coffee, water and even wine can be served.

The route is operated with a frequency of 4 flights per week, and the prices are even ok if the tickets are taken in advance. I recommend ordering them directly from (there is currently a promotion for this route).

We also had good weather, so I could see Romania from above, among small turbulences. But the Carpathian Mountains were best seen. Better follow the pictures below.

  1. Bogdan says

    1. Bucharest - Berlin or vice versa, it is not a short ride…
    2. Lufhansa are stingy on the menus; there are companies that even give hot food, on much shorter races…
    3. What's the deal with the uniform? Does it matter? 😀
    4. Promotions are only in ads. If you start and place your order on the site, the prices almost double…

  2. Sorin says

    Promotions are promotions if you know how to look for them! :) For some, the uniform of those on board, their professionalism, etc. also matters. With regard to menus, this is precisely the idea of ​​these positions ... I present the reality as I see it. Each one will then choose according to their wishes :).

    The time at which it flies is also related to the menu. In the morning you can eat in the morning, in the evening something like dinner :). Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Bogdan says

    I was referring to Lufthansa promotions… I also receive their newsletter…

  4. Sorin says

    As with any promotion .. there is a minimum price that can only be obtained under certain conditions :). Especially as in aviation the price differs from hour to hour, from destination to destination.

  5. Kadia says

    What beautiful pictures! The only pictures with Romania from the plane I have with the surroundings of Bucharest, I have never caught such a beautiful weather, as always tuna and lightning when we enter the country 🙁 Or I fly at night when nothing is seen anyway 🙁

    1. Sorin says

      And I didn't process them either :). Next time I'm looking to make them more beautiful, more artistic!

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