fbpx Berlin Tegel will close on 2 June 2012

Berlin Tegel will close on 2 June 2012

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2 June 2012 will be an important day for aviation in Germany. Berlin Tegel Airport It will close its doors after 42 years of activity. On that day, around 22.50, he will take off AB1000 flight operated by AirBerlin. It will be the last take-off by a passenger aircraft.

It will not be a scheduled flight but a more special one. All passengers on this flight will enjoy a ride aboard a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, approximately 50 minutes above Berlin. After the plane makes one final tour over Tegel airport, the take-off and landing runway lights will go out. Passengers will be able to say goodbye to the airport by crashing a glass of champagne. The aircraft is scheduled to land at Schönefeld Airport at 23.40.

But let's not dramatize. Next morning the modern airport Berlin Brandenburg International It will open its doors. It will start a new era.

Tickets can be purchased from the event organizer, airevents:
Departure from Berlin Tegel: 2 June 2012 22: 50
Arrival Berlin Schoenefeld: 2 June 2012 23: 40
For those wishing in interior spaces (B / C / D / E): 133 EUR
Guaranteed window seat: 188 EUR

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  1. […] Come back with information and look forward to the grand opening. Berlin Tegel will close on June 2, 2012, and AirBerlin will host a special celebration. That night, around 22.50:XNUMX p.m., […]

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