BIAS 2020 has been canceled. BIAS 2021 will most likely take place in early September

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We have always hoped that BIAS 2020 will take place as planned, on September 5th. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prevents a show with the public. And such events cannot be organized without the public and broadcast on television.

Those who are passionate about aviation, flights and airplanes understand very well. The smell of kerosene, the deafening sound of engines, the adrenaline of acrobatics, all these are experienced at the edge of the track.

According to the information provided by the organizers, BIAS 2021 will be organized in early September and a memorable edition is desired. Perhaps the largest aviation show in this region of Europe. Below is the information provided by Bucharest Airports.

BIAS 2020 has been canceled

Exactly in a month, on September 5, BIAS 2020 was going to delight you with new demonstrations of strength and virtuosity in the air in the sky from Băneasa, hundreds of pilots and parachutists being ready to evolve into what has become the biggest aeronautical event from this region of Europe.

The CoVid 19 pandemic, the end of which is still far away, prevents us, however, from organizing a show with the public, the care for the health of the participants - performers, audience, staff - but also full compliance with current regulations being a priority.

We even thought of organizing a show broadcast only on television and social networks, but we quickly gave up: for enthusiasts, an air show seen only on screen, regardless of the level of professionalism of those who make the broadcast (and they did it very good so far!) does not have nearly the same flavor as one seen live; the physical sensation generated by the noise of the revving engines, the smell of burnt kerosene, the pyrotechnic effects and the heat waves related to them cannot be induced to the public even by means of the most advanced equipment.

That is why we, the organizers - Bucharest Airports National Company, Air Force General Staff, Romanian Aeroclub, Romaero, AIBO Sports Club - together with partners (ROMATSA, TAROM) and performers, announce that the twelfth edition of BIAS will take place in 2021, most likely in early September.

Thank you for being and continuing to be with us and we promise that we will make every effort to make the 2021 edition of BIAS not only memorable but also the best!
Stay tuned! We will come back with new information… and surprises!

That being said, patience and strength to get through the pandemic. We will unleash ourselves at BIAS 2021.

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  1. Bullfight says

    Thanks for the information and also for the encouragement.
    Let us trust in the will of God, whatever that may be!
    Good thoughts!

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